[SCAM ALERT] Tape Of Benzino’s Fiancee Althea Heart Leaked by Stevie J

Facebook users, be aware of the Tape Of Benzino’s Fiancee Althea Heart Leaked by Stevie J video, which is currently being shared on various social media networks.

The scammers behind the Althea Heart tape are using a malicious website to infect their victims with malware and survey scams.

The drama surrounding the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season three gets messier by the day.

Hours after a huge brawl broke out on the set of LHHATL‘s reunion show taping, nude photos from an alleged tape of reality newbie ALTHEA HEART has surfaced.


The scammers have crafted a fake website, which looks like Facebook. The fake Facebook page tries to lure the unaware users to the malicious video. Once the user clicks on the ‘play button’ they will be redirected to another page which will try to serve them malware. The victims are also demanded to share the malicious page on their Facebook timeline. If they do not do this, they will not be ‘allowed’ to watch the video.

Tape Of Benzino's Fiancee Althea Heart Leaked by Stevie J

Hackers and cybercriminals will keep launching fake schemes as they provide a solid revenue for the hackers or cybercriminals. These hoaxes reach a lot of people and the hackers often post various schemes at once. This is possible, as they use a clickfarming generator for this.


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