Scam alert: IPhone Video – Miley Cyrus tape Video Leaked By Hacker From Her Phone

The name of Miley Cyrus is being used to lure unaware internet users to a malicious website which is hosted on hxxp:// The scam claims that it has iphone footage of Miley Cyrus which is performing actions with a male.

The scammers try to lure the unaware users by showing a photo shopped picture that holds the famous “youtube play button”. Once the user clicks on the malicious Facebook link, the user will be redirected to the domain. Once the user has landed on the page, the user will be forced to share the malicious page on Facebook.

miley cyrus leaked iphone video 2015

The users often perform this action as they are promised that they will be able to view the Miley Cyrus leaked iphone video. This is a perfect example of a click-farming website. The scammers behind the website are trying to lure thousands of unaware users to their domains.

The title of the scam is:

Miley Cyrus tape Video Leaked By Hacker From Her Phone

Their domains are often loaded with applications and codes which perform unwanted actions on the victims devices. If you see someone sharing a (scam), please inform them about the threats which they are risking.

The scammers could install remote access trojans on the computers of the victims. This would allow the scammers to operate the devices remotely.

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