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Privacy has become quite important these days with the rise of online threats and issues. Web users are looking for private ways to share the stuff online. Though there are many ways to increase your online privacy, a very simple approach to address the issue is by using a web browser in private mode. This approach is considered far more successful than the other ways used for privacy. We are here today to give you an introduction about the Safari browser and how to always open Safari in a private window.  You can follow this process on your MAC, iPhone or iPad.

What Does Private Mode Mean?

Private mode of Safari browser automatically prevents websites from tracking or tracing the activities of the users on MAC, iPhone or iPad.  The browser would not save any of the browsing data.  Also, Safari for Windows enables a list of privacy-oriented features to enhance the security of the data and provide privacy on a high note.  If you are looking for a way to always open Safari in a Private window, then you are on the right page.  We have provided you with simple steps on how to always open Safari browser in private window on MAC.  Read on!

How to Always Open Safari in a private window?

Most of you must be aware of how to open a new private window in Safari on MAC, but by activating a setting user can make this the default mode for web browsing.

  • First, start by launching Safari browser on MAC.
  • In the Menu Bar, go to Safari>Preferences and click on the General tab.
  • Now, find the top menu that says Safari opens with and select A new private window option.

That’s it!  From now on, whenever you launch a new window, it will open in Private mode.  This setting will last even though you quit Safari or reboot your MAC.

How to Always open Safari in a Private window on iPhone or iPad?

The process is a bit different on iPhone and iPad compared to that of the process followed for MAC as there is no such setting available to enable to always launch Safari in Private mode.  Nevertheless, there is a simple trick to follow to launch it in private mode.  Here how it is.

  • Launch Safari browser
  • Open a new private tab in it on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Let the tab stay in the foreground in Safari for PC without disabling the private mode.

So, next time when you launch Safari browser, it will show that private tab.  If you want to open a new tab, it will open that tab in private mode also.  However, if you exit private mode, the next tab to be opened won’t be private anymore.

This is how you always launch or open Safari browser in the Private window. The process is quite simple and without expert help, general users can implement this simple process and attain the private mode launch of Safari on MAC, iPhone, and iPad.

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