Russian Federal Security Service Reports Over 5,000 Cyberattacks on Critical Infrastructure

On Thursday (13-04-2023), the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) announced that it had identified and resolved the aftermath of more than 5,000 cyberattacks on critical infrastructure in Russia since the start of 2022.

United States and NATO Countries Utilized Ukrainian Territory for Cyber Attacks on Russian Infrastructure, Says FSB

According to the official statement, through analysis of computer threats, FSB has obtained evidence indicating that the United States and NATO countries utilized

Ukrainian territory to launch large-scale cyber attacks on civilian infrastructure facilities in Russia.

Pro-Western Hacker Groups Involved in Cyber Attacks on Russia

The FSB revealed that despite many cyber attacks being attributed to the “IT Army of Ukraine,” their analysis has revealed the involvement of pro-Western hacker groups such as “Anonymous,” “Silence,” “Ghost Clan,” “Ji-En-Ji,” “SquadZOZ,” and various others.

Offensive Cyber Operations Units of Western Nations Currently Utilizing Ukraine’s Network Infrastructure

The FSB has further claimed that the offensive cyber operations units of Western nations are currently utilizing Ukraine’s network infrastructure, allowing them to clandestinely leverage novel forms of cyber weaponry.

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