The Russian cyberwar on Estonia and Baltic countries has started

If you like it or not, the Russians have placed themselves in Ukraine and it looks like that they are not going away anytime soon. Now new reports are being published which claim that the Russians are going to use the same method to conquer foreign countries to help the “Russian citizens”.

The director of the Foreign Ministry Department reported the following:

Anatoly Makarov

“We are carrying out a line so that Russian compatriots regardless of where they live are guaranteed all rights and freedoms … and have the opportunity to preserve the culture and traditions of their historical Motherland,” Makarov said.

Well dear Makarov, did you forgot that if you are in another country, that you will respect the values which are handled in that specific country?! and that there are some countries like Iran, which do not allow “western” or “russian” influences?! What will you do next? Defend all the Russians in Iran?!

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