Russian Cyber Warfare Crimean Operation

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Deputy director of polish think thank Centre for Eastern Studies Jolanta Darczewska in a study (The Anatomy of Russian Information Warfare) focuses on security policy in the post-Soviet cyber space and now, and reconstruct and outline  the Russian cyber warfare operation in Crimea.

According the study Crimean operation has served as an occasion for russia to demonstrate to the entire world the capabilities and the potential of cyber warfare.

The Anatomy of Russian Information Warfare shows evidence of a systematic cyber warfare.New methods go far beyond conventional propaganda while Russia see the Internet as directly a war medium,lately President Putin said in Moscow that Internet is a CIA project.

Think thank Russian cyber warfare crimea study Main Points;

Russia’s information warfare theory has been developed in opposition the new generation Western warfare concepts.

The geopolitical doctrine treats information warfare as a dangerous weapon: it is cheap, it is a universal weapon, it has unlimited range, it is easily assessable; and, permeates all state borders without restrictions. The information network struggle, as well as its extreme forms, such as information-psychological warfare and net-wars, are the means the state uses to achieve its goals in international, regional, and domestic politics — as well as to gain geopolitical advantage.

Geopolitics offers ideological grounds for information battles. In opposition to the ideology of liberalism, it promotes “a neo-conservative, post-liberal (…) power struggling for a just multi-polar world, which defends tradition, conservative values and true liberty.

The information strategy of the rivalry between Russia and the West is a product of both information geopolitics, which has been developed since the late 1990s, and the consistently pursued policy for strengthening the state and building its research and scientific, organizational, media, diplomatic, and social bases, et cetera.

Western public opinion is more resistant to Russian propaganda, although it has resonated with some people here as well. Moscow’s informational aggression is set to intensify: Russia has a sense of impunity on information battlefields. Furthermore, it is constantly modifying and perfecting its propaganda techniques, taking into account new media tools and introducing innovations, such as activity in social networking services, etc.

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