Russia: No more access to Facebook and Twitter

The Russian state media watchdog is considering to block social media sites Facebook and Twitter.Maxim Ksensov deputy of watchdog service told in an interview with Russian newspaper Izvestia that blocking those sites is almost inevitable.

According Mr Ksensov users are abused by number of foreign social websites and those sites interfere in domestic affairs and user information used by U.S. intelligence services. Blocking of Twitter and Facebook can be arranged within minutes.I hate the phrase “restrictive measures”. I would call those legal measures that have been taken in respect of Russian internet and security.

Deputy Head Roskomnadzora Maxim Ksenzov told “Izvestia” on preparations for the implementation of the “blogerskogo” law, as well as interaction with international agencies internet platforms.

The Russian government has also stepped up the last time the pressure on Russian social media. The Russian version of Facebook ‘Vkontaktje’ has already come under state control. The founder has left the country by now.

Kremlin tries to control the media increasingly strict especially now the conflict in and around Ukraine plays. The Kremlin carries through the TV channels, a massive propaganda war against the West and the regime in Kiev. The TV channels are completely controlled by the Kremlin. These situations demand a good set of cybersecurity tools.

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