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Rumors say Lizard Squad is going to release PlayStation 4 Jailbreak

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Rumors on the Internet reveals that the PlayStation 4 Jailbreak hack allegedly made by the Lizard Squad would be soon available.

It is difficult to understand right now how true the news, but according to rumors circulating in the Internet the popular hacking collective Lizard Squad, responsible for the attacks against Sony PSN, XBox live and Tor network,  is working on a PlayStation 4 Jailbreak that could be released within the year.

The availability of a new PlayStation 4 Jailbreak will allow gamers to Play Pirated Games And Go Online without PS Plus, if confirmed the circumstance indicates that members of the hacking group could include high profile experts with a deep knowledge of gaming environment.

Another possibility is that Lizard Squad business for hacking services is proficuous and allowed the team to outsource the development of a PlayStation 4 Jailbreak to other hackers. Let’s remember that Lizard Squad was offering their DDoS attack service Lizard Stresser, a powerful tool that uses thousands of hacked home Internet routers to run the attack by drawing on Internet bandwidth from these devices worldwide.

PlayStation 4 Jailbreak Lizard Squad

“PS4 Jailbreak In Development And Will Be Available This 2015 Says Lizard Squad; Sony PlayStation 4 Hack Allegedly Allows Users To Play Pirated Games And Go Online Without PS Plus” states Kdramastars speculating that Lizard Squad have allegedly successfully developed the PlayStation 4 Jailbreack and now is going to public release it.

According to Kdramastars, during the Lizard Squads DDoS attacks in the Christmas holidays, Cyberland confirmed that the hacking crew was reportedly able to exploit a security vulnerability in the latest version of firmware running on the PlayStation 4 console (ver. 2.03).  The alleged vulnerability could be exploited by hackers to run their arbitrary code.

“It was then revealed by a member of the Lizard Squad on 4Chan that they chip they used to find the security flaw in the PS4 would be available for everyone to try this 2015. The member also said that they have included their Jailbreak hack method in the chip that allegedly allows the user to play pirated games and to go online without the need for PS Plus. A side effect of this hack allegedly allows the user update their games via PSN and be able to play cracked DLC content for a specific game.” reports Kdramastars.

According to Cyberland, Lizard Squad team has designed the PlayStation 4 Jailbreak starting from the code of the previous PS4 jailbreak hack made by “Reckz0r”. In November 2013, The security expert Graham Cluley reported that Reckz0r has published a tutorial to to jailbreak the new PlayStation 4 and play pirated games. Reckz0r used the FreeBSD distro known as the Orbis.

Let’s wait the comment from Lizard Squad, but personally I have many doubts about the events … but Lizard Squad has already surprised us with their capabilities.

Stay Tuned …

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – PlayStation 4 Jailbreak, hacking)

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