Rumors about asylum seekers (Refugees)

Since the 2015 refugee crisis, a lot of fake news has been published on social media networks and other places on the internet.

We have decided to publish a list of those fake claims and we will debunk them immediately, so you can use this post against all those people on the internet which are believing the fake claims which are made on the internet about the asylum seekers.

Asylum seekers receiving thousands of Euro’s / Dollars

Hoaxes on the web are currently circulating which claim that asylum seekers are getting thousands of dollars or euro’s from the country which they fled to.

In The Netherlands and Belgium, the hoax is claiming that the refugees are getting 4140 euro’s each month.

The hoax has been debunked by “DeHoaxWijzer“.

The money which is spend on the refugees will make the country suffer

The fake claims which are circulating are claiming that governments will suffer if they help the refugees which are coming to the country to seek asylum.

There is no doubt on the fact that the health care in many countries can use some attention, and that budgets should be released for those in need which already live in the country.