RSA conference hacked by the SEA

The Syrian Electronic Army has hacked the RSA conference website.

The hackers left a message for Ira Winkler on the RSA website.

The hackers are known for hacking various companies.

The Syrian Electronic Army compared Ira Winkler to a cockroach.


The Syrian Electronic Army used a javascript code which redirected the visitors of the RSA conference website to the Syrian Electronic website.

The Syrian Electronic Message:

Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

Dear Ira winkler,

Do you think you are funny? Do you think you are secure?

You are NOT

If there is a cockroach on the internet it would be definitely you

Your friends at SEA

Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

RSA Conference hack - Picture via
RSA Conference hack – Picture via

The Syrian Electronic Army is responsible for various hacks. They hacked the websites of Time, CNN, and the Washington Post after gaining administrative access to Outbrain.

Brains krebs explains:

The hack of happened just hours after conference organizers posted several presentation videos from the February RSA Conference sessions, including one by noted security expert Ira Winkler that belittled the SEA’s hacking skills and labeled them “the cockroaches of the Internet.”

He continues to explain how the hackers initiated their attack:

Shortly after that video went live, people browsing with JavaScript enabled in their browser would have seen the homepage for the conference site replaced with a message from the SEA to Winkler stating, “If there is a cockroach in the internet it would definitely be you”.

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