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Rouhani the Cyber President of Iran increases cyber funds with 1200%

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The current Iranian president Rouhani has a massive interest in the cyberwar and cyber defense capabilities and techniques, and we can see that interest in the amount of money which is being spent on the Iranian Cyber infrastructure.

Just a couple of years ago, the Iranians were hit by the Stuxnet virus. This virus allowed foreign countries to manipulate information which was critical for the cooling of the nuclear plant. The Stuxnet virus did open the eyes of the cyber security professionals in Iran and a lot of security researchers worldwide have been warning the United States and Israel about this event.

The security researchers explained that the Stuxnet virus allowed governments to see what the capabilities of an “active” cyber weapon were, and it also allowed them to gain insight on how to protect themselves against these types of attacks. Hell, it even gave them the information on how to create their own cyber weapons.

In short, the Iranian cyber president Rouhani has increased the fundings for cyber capabilities with 1200%, and that is a massive increase. You can read all the details in the report (PDF) which has been published by

local mirror of Iranian Internet Infrastructure and Policy Report

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