Rex Mundi hackers timeline

Rex Mundi, a group that’s known for stealing data from various companies, has been very active in the last years.

We have decided to create a timeline which shows you the hacks which have been initiated by the Rex Mundi hacking group.

The hackers are behind various attacks on companies. The have hacked telecommunication companies and food companies. They do not have a specific range of attacks, they will attack each target which will get them some money.

Rex Mundi attacks in 2012

Hackers Leak Data from AmeriCash Advance After Company Refuses to Pay Up

Extortionists Threaten to Leak Databases of 300 Websites Designed by Webassur

Rex Mundi attacks in 2013

Rex Mundi Hackers Blackmail Drake International, Threaten to Leak 300,000 Records

Hackers to Belgian Firm Buy Way: Pay 20,000 EUR or We Leak Your Data (Updated)

Belgium Firm Buy Way Admits It Was Hacked, Doesn’t Give In to Extortion

Rex Mundi Hackers Say They Will Sell “Buy Way” Data to Other Belgian Company

Extortionist Hackers Threaten to Leak Data from Swiss Web Hosting Firm Hoststar