Researcher Develops DJI Digital Forensics Kit

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In a significant development for the field of drone forensics, researcher Angelina Tsuboi has developed DroneXtract, a comprehensive digital forensics suite for DJI drones. Built with Golang, DroneXtract can analyze drone sensor values and telemetry data, visualize drone flight maps, audit for criminal activity, and extract pertinent data within multiple file formats.

DroneXtract: A Comprehensive Forensics Suite

DroneXtract Interface
DroneXtract Interface

DroneXtract features four main suites for drone forensics and auditing:

1. DJI File Parsing: This tool allows users to visualize and extract information from DJI file formats such as CSV, KML, and GPX. The parsed information can be saved into an alternative file format when an output file path is provided.

2. Steganography: This process reveals information stored within files. The DroneXtract steganography suite allows users to extract telemetry and valuable data from image and video formats. Additionally, the extracted data can be exported to four different file formats.

3. Telemetry Visualization: This suite contains a flight path mapping generator and a telemetry graph visualizer. The flight path mapping generator creates an image of a map indicating the locations the drone traveled to enroute and the path it took. The telemetry graph visualizer plots a graph for each of the relevant telemetry or sensor values to be used for auditing purposes.

4. Flight and Integrity Analysis: This tool iterates through all the telemetry values the drone logged during its flight. Once the values are collected, it calculates the maximum variance assumed by the value and checks for suspicious data gaps. This tool can be used to check for anomalous data or any file corruption that may have taken place.

This comprehensive suite of tools represents a significant advancement in the field of drone forensics, providing investigators with a robust set of capabilities to analyze and audit drone activity.

For more details, please refer to the original article on Medium. All credits go to Angelina Tsuboi for her extensive research and contribution to the field.

  • Find the project on Github (Link)
  • Read her research on Medium (Link)
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