[Research paper] Operationalisation of military cyber operations [PDF]

Cyber targeting cycle

Jelle van Haaster andĀ Paul Ducheine have published the ‘Fighting Power, TargetingĀ and Cyber Operations’ research paper. The Amsterdam Center for International Law Research supports the research on the various fields which come to play in the cyber conflict field.

The paper has been crafted by Paul and Jelle to contribute to the operationalisation of military cyber operations in general. The paper also provides insight on the defence and offence capabilities of targeting purposes.

Jelle and Paul explain that the cyberspace poses unique challenges and opportunities which bring up new elements that may be utilized for targeting.

  • Cyber objects
  • Cyber identities

Operationalisation of military cyber operations

The paper continues to explain that assessing the outcomes of these unique cyber operations is, challenging for military planners. But these challenges can be overcome by using a targeting cycle which is suitable for cyber operations. The mentioned ‘target cycle’ respects the legal obligations and the effectiveness offensive and defensive operations.