How to research ‘click farming’ websites

During our search on malicious click farming websites we found various schemes, which allow the cybercriminals to make a massive revenue. Malicious click farming websites are made by cybercriminals, as these click farming websites use methods that are able to infect a lot of people in a short time. During our research on click farming websites we tried to take a look at the Facebook ‘click farming’ applications. The reason behind this is the fact that a lot of (unaware) people are using Facebook to share messages, videos and malware.

Why look for click farming websites?

We are aware of the fact that it is almost impossible to stop these click farming schemes. The schemes which are made by the cybercriminals are made in such a way that they are able to setup them on multiple websites and environments at once. This allows them to be one step ahead each time. This does not mean that it is not important to keep track of these click farming websites. These websites are used by cybercriminals to infect unaware internet users with malicious surveys and applications.

Facebook scheme
Facebook scheme

How do you find click farming websites?

The luck which I am having is the fact that I have a lot of friends on my Facebook network. This allows me to keep track of the malicious applications which are infecting my Facebook network. Once I spot a malicious application or message on the Facebook website, I simply include them in my Google Dorks list.

Using Google Dorks to find Click Farming websites

The easiest way to find these click farming websites is by using the Google Dorks commands on the Google Search Engine. Click farming websites are made to get a lot of traffic. These environments are setup in such a way that they have to be included in the search engines index. Simply search for the keywords that you find on the malicious pages.

What did we find

During our search for these malicious websites, we found various schemes that use various titles to infect unaware people on the internet.

Titles included

  • Shocking
  • Breaking
  • Exclusive
  • Leaked Tape
  • Video leaked
  • Ex Boyfriend leaked
  • Accident

Websites are hosted on

  • GoDaddy
  • Free hosting environments
  • Blogger
  • Hacked WordPress websites

Which users are being victimized by these click farming websites

  • People mainly from Europe and the United States
  • All ages are infected

How do these cybercriminals earn their money from Click farming websites

Take a look at the following malicious page on Facebook. You will see that the page owner has spreaded the malicious video to at least 260 000 people in 3 days. The hacker redirects the users to a malicious page which will serve them a survey.

malicious video page on Facebook
malicious video page on Facebook

The survey is a affiliate program which is being used by the hacker. Each time a person provides the survey answers, the hacker will earn some money. Imagine if he would get 10 dollar for each 1000 visitors. 260 000 : 1000 = 260. 260 x 10 dollar = 2600 dollars. The hacker could have made 2600 dollars in just 3 days. This is some serious money.

Take a look at our Facebook section to find the latest malicious click farming websites.

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