Report states that Australia is not well equipped for cyberwar

Well, this is one awesome professor, just look at the title of his paper “AUSTRALIA REARMED! FUTURE NEEDS FOR CYBER-ENABLED WARFARE”, but the point he made with his paper is a bit more serious, Professor Greg Austin stated that Australia’s response to the emerging cyberwar climate is inadequate to keep the country safe and secure.

The professor also stated that: “for a quarter of a century, successive Australian governments have been unable to come to terms with the full import of the digital revolution transforming the world”.


The report also states that: “Until the appointment of Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister in September 2015, the last Australian prime minister before him to make a speech of any significance or depth on the information revolution had been Paul Keating in 1997, and he made that one year after he left office.” also posted a post on this report and they also concluded that another report stated the following: “Another report by the ACCS has also warned the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has not done enough to test its ability to ward off cyber attacks against weapons systems.”

For what it currently looks like, Australia still has to catch up with the cyberwar-arms race.