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Petition: Remove Saudi Arabia from The Council of Human Rights Now

Saudi Arabia has had the highest execution rates in its recent history and we all know that death is never the answer to crimes, but it seems that Saudi Arabia, which is a member of The Council of Human Rights, does not really care about human rights at all.

Each country has a “negative” side and this post is not about the people which live in Saudi Arabia, but it is for the people that rule it.

Did you know that there is currently a petition running to remove Saudi Arabia from the Council of Human Rights? and that it only needs 1000 more votes to be taken seriously?!


You can participate in helping the petition to reach its maximum. All you need to do is to provide your info so it will be signed. The site which is hosting this petition is change.org.

Some people responded to the petition on Change.org

I’m disgusted with Saudi Arabia,even more disgusting is the fact that we UK trade,and are friends of Saudi Arabia, Why don’t they help Palestine..Too busy executing people ,They are savages ,,can’t understand why people still go there —


This one is from Samina

The hypocrisy behind the decision need hardly be stated for Suadi to lead the UN Human rights council. The Saudi government is unelected and run by one large family, or clan. Not only does it have the death penalty on its statute, it executes prisoners with particular relish, turning their executions into a public spectacle. Torture is routine in its prisons and offenders of certain crimes are flogged in public. The denial of the right to drive is among the least of the abuses women suffer in the country

And Mohammed posted

The sole reason why Muslims give a monkeys about Saudi is because of the pilgrimage. If not for that no human dead or alive would want to set foot there in a million years purely because of how rouge a state Saudi is. If there is a thing that you can think of that’s wrong, unethical, corrupt and down right disgraceful then you will see it in practice in Saudi by their government. In fact the same goes for its neighbours too..





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