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Anti-CryptoWall tool protects your pc against Crypto malware

Protect yourself against CryptoWall infections with the CryptoWall Vaccine [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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The Cryptowall malware is one you certainly don’t want to have on your device. The Cryptowall malware is capable of locking all your files on your device, and once all the files have been locked, you will get an warning message on your screen, which demands that you pay ransom in order to retrieve your locked files – and if you do not pay the ransom, your files will remain locked and the key which unlocks the files will be deleted.

Some of the most notorious families of ransomware now wreaking havoc include Cryptowall, Citroni and TorLocker. Android users were also massively targeted by ransomware throughout 2014. – Bitdefender

cryptowall infection

But do not fear, the guys from BitDefender have released an Vaccine which will allow you to protect your files against malware like Cryptowall.

So just to be clear, this does not REMOVE any infections – it only protects your files against being infected by Crypto malware

We have now developed a vaccine that allows users to immunize their computers and block any file encryption attempts, even if they become infected with CryptoWall, one of the most powerful clones of the Cryptolocker malware.

You can download the Vaccine from the Bitdefender Labs website Рor simply click here (directly downloads the .exe file).

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