Remote controlled automatic weapons – this is how they look

The wargrounds keep changing, adversaries become smarter and are more aware of the technical assistance they can get on the tools (weapons) they have. In this post, we have collected some screenshots of weapons that have been modified into remote controllable automatic weapons.

One example of controls to a remote controlled weapon. This user could be far enough away that no one fighting his RC gun could kill him.

RPD, 7.62x39mm. The drum magazine gives this over 3X the capacity of an AK while using the same ammunition.

Dragunov SVD 7.62X54. The only upside here is the 10rd magazine will run out relatively more quickly than other weapons. But being a scoped sniper rifle, those 10 rounds may cause a lot of damage before it’s taken out.

DShK 12.7mm (50 caliber)

WWII German StG.44

This PKM set up seems to have a bigger magazine. Ammo belts can be attached together for greater volume of fire. Futher, this system looks like it’s made to be picked up and relocated, which is a significant factor.

PKM 7.62x54R. This one has the shooter concealed behind that wall. This gives him excellent reaction time and “some” cover, but concentrated or heavy fire against that weapon will kill him. Still, you wouldn’t necessarily know he’s there to kill.



I think that the possibilities are endless. Just imagine automated remote controlled guns that can be controlled via your smart-watch or tablet. What do you think?

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