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There are many Remote Administration Tools and it can become an challenge to find one that will do the works for you. Downloading Remote Administration Tools from the web can be very dangerous. Cybercriminals and scammers actually infect Remote Administration Tools with malware.

The infection of these files allows them to perform a lot of actions on a system which is not owned by them. So please, don’t just download a Remote Administration Tool from any source on the big wide web as it can a Remote Administration Trojan.

Easy-to-use remote management tool (RAT)

An easy-to-use remote management tool (RAT) can provide computer support for remote systems without starting a full remote management session. You can perform management tasks remotely from any location without being limited.

Short clip of an Remote Administration Trojan
Random Remote Access Trojan being showcased

Usage in the cybersecurity industry

In cybersecurity, a RAT can be used in penetration testing attacks performed by the Redteam (attacking team), but in most cases, the Redteam will utilize a RAT or some type of code which they have developed themselves. Some people state that the usage of the RAT is so that they can access their own network and control the devices in the network — such claims can easily be ignored, there are many other methods to perform these activities without using an remote administration tool.

Which Remote Administration tools are legit?

There are actual remote administration tools that do their work. Most of them offer some premium service which is paid, but most of them can be used without any payment or registration.

Teamviewer Remote Administration Tool in action
Teamviewer connection

Remote Administration tools

Here is a collection of 11 RATs which are legitimate and have an official website:

  1. AnyDesk
  2. Ammy Admin (Not a virus)
  3. Teamviewer
  4. RemotePC
  5. Zoho Assist
  6. GoTo Resolve
  7. ManageEngine Remote Access Plus
  8. ConnectWise Control
  9. Dameware Remote Everywhere
  10. Splashtop
  11. ISL Light Remote Desktop

Remote administration tools FAQ

What is a Remote Administration Tool

A remote administration tool (RAT) is a software program that allows you to remotely control another device.

What is a Remote Administration Trojan

A remote administration trojan (RAT) is a malicious software program that allows cybercriminals or scammers to remotely control another device by hiding the RAT into an genuine looking file.

When is a RAT used?

Remote tools such as RATs usually fall under the umbrella of remote support or remote management software. This type of software allows IT, engineers, and help desk technicians to access remote devices using only an Internet connection.

Should I just use any RAT?

No, cybercriminals and scammers actually infect genuine looking remote administration tools with malware. Only download a RAT from trusted sources.

Collection of RATs found on Github (updated daily)

A lot of people actually upload their RAT projects (300+) to Github. I made a quick overview of them, which I updated from time to time. Feel free to take a look at the various RATs hosted on Github.

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