Regin Malware Sample [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The ISP malware Regin has been spying on internet service providers since 2008. We have obtained a link to the Regin malware sample from Omerta Information Security.

We decided to run the Regin malware sample via the Virustotal service.

This were the results

In the link above, you will see the download link which was provided by Omerta Information Security. The link will allow you to download the Regin Malware sample.

In the link above you will find the Virustotal scan report. We scanned the folder to see if the zipfile contained any malicious codes.

The virustotal report will show you the following family names:

  • W32/Trojan.UYIE-8376
  • W32/Regin.C
  • Trojan.Win32.Agent.hbdpc

The scan was performed on 2014-11-24 and the malware sample was only detected by 3/55 antivirus companies.

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