Refugees will have to deal with it, but so will you [VIDEO]

Wealth can be expressed in various ways and it is often in the countries which are not wealthy, where the people are suppressed in such an way that they will try to flee to “wealthy” environments and countries. I am glad that we all have basic rights from the moment we are born. These rights make sure that everyone has a fair chance on life, but when we take a look at wealth, we will see that the distribution of wealth has not been setup in such an way that it supports the “fair chances” which are protected by the basic rights of each human.

A lot of you will think, this is a hard world, deal with it.

I agree with those which claim that this is a hard world, if you want something you will have to work hard for it in every way you can imagine, but we also know that you need the right tools to get the job done. People which are fleeing are searching for the right tools, so they can work hard for their life and so they can enjoy their basic rights.

basic rights

Article 3 actually says it all, but why is it that those who enjoy their basic rights, are currently declining the basic rights of all the refugees which are trying to get a better life?!

This made me think about a video which I saw a long time ago. The video explains how wealth and health has been distributed in the world in the last 200 years.

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