Raspberry PI vs Arduino: All you need to know [2016-2017]

Which one serves you better?!

Raspberry PI functions basically like a computer with several versions like Raspberry Pi Model B+, Raspberry PI2, Raspberry Pi and it has its own processor, output for audio, memory, video output, HDMI composite RCA, power source USB ports etc It works perfectly with Linux software’s when installed on it. Raspberry PI has its own operating system known as Rasbian(A Linux based operating system) and It is designed in such a way that other attached operating system such as windows 10 version of Raspberry PI, Android RISC, Ubuntu mate can also be installed on it to work perfectly. Raspberry PI is just like a complete computer embedded in a chip.

Arduino on the other hand is less powerful when compared with Raspberry Pi. It does not basically need a specific operating system before it can work. Perfectly it is usually coded in c language and can be regarded as just a part of a computer. Arduino boards includes Arduino UNO, Arduino Mega, Arduino PRO and so on. It is mainly used for electronics project where some line of codes are written to control the operation of a hardware.

Even though Arduino and Raspberry PI have many similarities, Only Professionals and experts have full knowledge of their differences and their area of applications as amateurs such as students often get confused about facts like their differences, which board to use for which projects and which board is easy to learn with. Arduino and Raspberry Pi are popular single board computers in the world today. This write-up compares Arduino and Raspberry Pi considering tips for making the right choice of selection.

Some of the similarities between Arduino and Raspberry Pi in terms of their creation is that they are both invented by European teachers as Arduino was developed in Italy in 2005 while Raspberry Pi was created in the UK in 2012 with the sole aim of enhancing electronics hardware skills amongst their students. Massimo Banzi developed Arduino as Eben Upton created Raspberry Pi.