Rapper MattyB: 100000 dollar and a new Lexus car for one lucky fan [Facebook scam]

A Facebook scam is using the name of Rapper MattyB to lure thousands of unaware users to a malicious website. The MattyB Facebook scam claims that MattyB is about to give 100000 dollars and a new car to a lucky MattyB fan. The Facebook scam claims that the MattyB fan only needs to perform a couple of actions before they can participate in the MattyB 100000 Dollar and a new car Facebook campaign.

The MattyB post which claims that the fans are able to win a prize is a fake page which has no association with the official rapper. The Facebook scam has been launched by the scammers to phish personal information from unaware users, the scammers also use the unaware users to increase their likes and shares on Facebook.

The scam on Facebook

The scam is currently hosted on the https://www.facebook.com/MattyBOfficial1 page which is still public. The scam has already been liked by 30000 people and it has been shared around 44000 times.

The MattyB Facebook scam uses the following text to lure the unaware users to the malicious page:

The last Giveaway for this year. I hope you’re ready?? Its Official, My Dad and I are giving away $100,000 Dollars and a New Car to one lucky fan, Are you feeling lucky? < Just follow these steps.