Ransomware removal for all types of Ransomware (2016)

Ransomware is big money for cybercriminals, and a lot of people are just waiting to become a victim while there are some easy tips, tricks and guides that allow you to make it extremely difficult for these cybercriminals to exploit you with a ransomware virus.


The first question we should ask ourselves is ‘what is ransomware?’ – Because if we do not know what we are up against, we will not be able to effectively protect ourselves against the ransomware threat.

So what is ransomware?

Well, ransomware is malware that has been developed with one main goal, and that is to ensure that the victim will pay up a specific amount of money in order to get something back. Ransomware will try to lock your files with encryption.

The encryption will disallow you to open or view your files, instead it will force you to pay up a specific amount of money, so you can regain access to the locked files.

Time windows in ransomware

Some of the ransomware viruses out there use time windows for victims. They force the victims to pay within a specific time amount, if the victim does not pay, it will delete the encryption key and the files that are stored on the device. The encryption key is needed to decrypt the encrypted files.

maktub ransomware

Ransomware cases

To give you a view of the targets, we have collected a couple of ransomware attacks that made it to the news. Do keep in mind that a lot of companies choose not to share that they have been a victim of a ransomware attack.


On the 27th of June it was made public that the NASCAR racing team had become victim of the Teslacrypt ransomware. The team was forced to pay 500 dollars in order to regain access to their intellectual property.

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

On February the 13th we published a report on the ransomware attack that had taken place at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. The medical center had become the victim of a ransomware attack and they were also forced to pay a specific amount of ransom before they would be able to regain access to their data. The medical center paid 17000 dollar to regain access.

Ransomware viruses

There are various ransomware viruses out there that are after financial gain. In the list below, you can find a collection of ransomware viruses that have successfully been identified:

  • TorrentLocker
  • PadCrypt
  • Locky
  • CTB-Locker
  • PayCrypt
  • CryptoWall
  • TeslaCrypt
  • Chimera
  • Lazy
Ransomware timeline by Kaspersky
Ransomware timeline by Kaspersky

Ransomware removal tools

The thing with ransomware removal tools is that they only work for a specific time period. The reason behind this is that the cybercriminals and cybersecurity professionals are in a daily battle to break each other their code. Because of this cat and mouse game, the malicious code will be adjusted from time to time, forcing the security professionals to alter their ransomware removal tool code.