Ransomware: Carroll county police department paid 3 bitcoins to cybercriminals

This is just another perfect example that anyone can become the victim of a ransomware attack. This time it was the police that was forced to pay the demand of 3 BTC for their data.

Once the infection got noticed by the Carroll county police department, they immediately informed the FBI.

The system that got infected by the ransomware contained reports, fines, and daily operational data.

They police department claimed that it is difficult to make a back-up, because the data that needs to be stored is expressed in terabytes.

Sigh, it is 2016 – data storage should not be a problem – author

At the end, the police department simply paid the 3 bitcoins and they did get their data back.

Now we just have to wait until the next ‘accidental’ infection – let’s see if they have their data protection fixed or not.

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