Ransomware attacks on the rise, learn how to deal with PoliceLockers and Cryptolockers

Stop Ransomware from hitting you!

Cybercriminals are generating money by infecting devices with ransomware. Ransomware can come in various types, but the cybercriminals mainly use the PoliceLocker and Cryptolocker version which locks the infected device and shows a aggressive warning towards the user which is using the device.

The warning message often includes messages which claim that the user has to pay money in order to unlock the device from the Policelocker or Cryptolocker ransomware. The messages include instructions which instruct the user on how to transfer money to the cybercriminals.

The cybercriminals also include a fixed time for the victim to respond to the warning, if the time exceeds, the device will be “locked” and the cybercriminal will delete the “key” which is used to “unlock” the locked device.



In the most cases, cybercriminals will ask a ransom amount of 300~ to 1000~ and they mainly accept Bitcoin payments and money transfers via companies like MoneyTransfer.

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Studies have revealed that these attacks are on the rise, and that a lot of device will get infected, because the people which operate the devices are unaware of the risks which lure on the internet.

So we have decided, to publish this manual on how to operate your device in such an way that it will be very hard for cybercriminals and hackers to infect you with ransomware.

The first thing which you will need to do, is to get a genuine operating system, if you are using Linux, then you are not being targeted by the ransomware, if you are using Windows, make sure you get a GENUINE windows operating system.


The next step is to update your operating system to the latest version, this means that you will need to enable automatic updates and allow the system to install the updates when they are provided.

Now that we have a updated operating system, it is time to install an antivirus which will protect your system against known threats. You can get a free antivirus from MalwareBytes and Microsoft.

Now that you have installed an antivirus, it is important to scan your complete device for malicious content, this will allow us to be (75%) sure that we are working with a “CLEAN” operating system.

The clean operating system and the antivirus will provide you an environment in which you can operate, but we are not done yet, we need to keep THESE TWO RULES always in mind;

  • Always scan attachments and files which have been send to you
  • Create back-ups of the files which you THINK are important

If you follow the rules above, the impact of an Ransomware virus will not be very high on your device as you will not lose any information, but do keep in mind that it is $#!$! UP if you get infected by the ransomware virus, so always stay AWARE.

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