Qualys browser check – Verify That Your Browser Is Secure Within 1ms (NO INSTALL NEEDED)

Qualys browser check is the perfect online tool to verify if your browser is still secure. The Qualys browser check is capable of detecting weaknesses in your browser, and if any weaknesses are found, it will instruct you which actions you need to take to secure your browser and private data.

The Qualys browser check is performed within 1ms, and you do not need to install any plugin. You can perform the check online and it is totally free.

We decided to check if the Chrome browser we are using is still secure, and according to Qualys, the Chrome browser is still secure.

How to verify if your browser is still safe

You will have to navigate to the page that is providing the browser check service. You can find the page here. In the pictures below, you can view which steps you will have to take.

We took these steps

  • Navigated to the site
  • Clicked on ‘Scan without installing plugin
  • Viewed the results
  • We were very happy