Putin Warns Poland: An Attack on Belarus Equals an Attack on Russia

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Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has issued a stern warning to Poland that any attack on Belarus would be treated as an attack on Russia. The warning comes amidst accusations that Poland intends to annex parts of Belarus – a claim Poland vehemently denies.

Details of the Threat

Speaking during a meeting of the Russian security council, Putin vowed to respond with all “available means” to any aggression against Belarus. This firm declaration follows the allegations that Poland is not only eyeing parts of Belarus, but also has ambitions to occupy western Ukrainian regions. However, no evidence has been provided to substantiate these accusations.

Poland’s Border Activity

Poland, a NATO member, shares a 418-kilometer border with Belarus and has been noticeably bolstering its military presence in the region. The government confirmed on Friday that it is deploying additional troops to the border due to concerns over the arrival of the Wagner mercenaries in Belarus following a failed insurrection in Russia.

Reaction to Wagner’s Activities in Belarus

On Thursday, Belarus announced that Wagner has commenced training Belarusian soldiers just a few kilometers away from the Polish border. This joint exercise has been interpreted as a provocation in Warsaw. Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Poland has clearly supported the Ukrainian government, while Belarus remains a significant ally to Russia.

Potential Surge in Cyberattacks Amid Geopolitical Tensions

The escalating geopolitical tension at the Polish-Belarusian border could serve as a catalyst for a new wave of cyberattacks. As past incidents have shown, geopolitical crises often coincide with a surge in cyber activities

This news was originally reported by ANP/AFP/RTR/BLOOMBERG

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