Pulse a native iOS network logger

The traffic inspection logger Pulse, is a native solution that can run on your iOS operating system. Pulse has been built with SwiftUI. Pulse allows it’s users to record and inspect network requests and logs right from your iOS app using the Pulse Console. To make it extra nice, you can also share and view logs in the Pulse macOS app. The network traffic logs are recorded locally and will never leave your device.

Pulse a persistent logger with a network inspector, but it is not just a tool. You can use it as a complete framework.

  • PulseCore.framework (iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS) provides a logger itself and a network proxy for automatically capturing network requests
  • PulseUI.framework (iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS) containing all the UI components youโ€™ll see on the screenshots
  • Document-based Pulse apps (iOS, macOS) to view logs shared from other devices
Screenshot of Pulse showing traffic logger

Pulse is not a network debugging proxy tool like Proxyman, Charles, or Wireshark. It wonโ€™t automatically intercept all network traffic coming from your app or device. And to view logs in realtime, you need to use PulseUI.framework that you integrate into your app. The dedicated Pulse iOS and macOS also use PulseUI.framework and are there to view logs manually shared from other devices

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