PROTEST: Stop the genocide against the Palestinians! [July 20 , Amsterdam]

The war in the middle-east has awakened a lot of emotions. The following group on Facebook, has called everyone to join the protest in Amsterdam. The protest will be a friendly protest, and 40 000 people have been invited to the protest which will take place on July 20, Amsterdam.

The protest wants to make it clear to the world that action needs to be taken against Israel.

The group says that Israel has started a ground offensive and that not one media is reporting on it. The group wants to bring the Israel-Palestine conflict to your screen. Everyone needs to know about the casualties and the inhumane actions which are taken in the conflict region.

Urgent Protest July 20 in Amsterdam!

Dear friends, as we all know is the terrorist state of Israel for 11 days busy platbombarderen Gaza. Since July 17, they also launched a ground offensive and Gaza is now severely attacked from all sides; land, sea and air. Genocidal massacre while watching the world.

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