Pro-Russian Group NoName057(16) Takes Down Dutch Harbor Websites

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A pro-Russian group dubbed NoName057(16) is wreaking havoc in the Netherlands, targeting harbor websites with disruptive cyberattacks. Their targets often include the banking sector, private companies that supply the defense industry, and logistics companies in NATO member states, explains Hagel. The same group was behind attacks on the Danish central bank’s website and a Polish government website last year.

They have been using amateurish tools, but with effective results. Their primary aim is to disrupt websites, gain attention, and then brag about their successes on their Telegram channels – something they have been quite active in doing.

Their motives have also been explicitly stated. “The Netherlands wants to buy Leopard 1s to deliver to Ukraine. By the way, according to the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense, 8 Leopard 1 tanks have already been destroyed. Bring on the next one!” they boast.

The Port of Rotterdam has confirmed that a Russian group is behind the attacks, which have been carried out from Russian and Serbian IP addresses. However, the damage is confined to website unavailability. “A website is important for us because we can inform the public, but we are not dependent on the website,” said a spokesperson.

Systems used for handling shipping were not at risk, as they operate on different servers. Despite the website disruptions, no other systems have been impacted by these attacks.

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