Predator Pain (Predator 13) keylogger revealed

Predator Pain is a premium keylogger which is used by cybercriminals and hackers to steal keystrokes from unaware victims. The Predator Pain (Predator 13) keylogger has been analyzed by MalwareConfig and they have published various PredatorPain samples which can be used for analysis.

PredatorPain predator 13 keylogger

You can use the following MD5 values to find Predator Pain payloads:

  • 7d9cc069ffb4db3aa498eb2872fae944
  • e5ddca929924e4f34cb18692f09ac424
  • 7557e3657113ee449e8e5da9409354a5
  • a50e590133c8e3e5a555f3c7fb16018c
  • ac3db07b80b7605467c55eabcaedd1df
  • 255902daafbe3feec9ecf6c284be61d1
  • 0135f88a3c71a05456e14dc3dfedcb4e

The Predator Pain keylogger holds the following menu options:

  • Delivery
  • Recovery
  • Settings
  • Binder
  • Downloader
  • Options
  • Tools
  • Build
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