Poweliks-malware infected 200000 known devices in 1 month

Reports have been published which state that the Poweliks-malware has been seen on at least 200 000 devices which run an Windows operating system.

The malware is being used by cybercriminals to infect devices with codes which will allow click-fraud options for the cybercriminal, but there is more.

poweliks evolution

The Poweliks-malware is claimed to be using a zero day in the Windows Operating system, allowing it to grow rapidly.

The fileless nature of Poweliks makes it unique, but the threat also uses several other novel techniques to compromise infected computers.


The Poweliks-malware is used by the cybercriminals to generate an online revenue. The infected devices will navigate to affiliate environments of the cybercriminals, but there is a bigger problem – the affiliate environments are also claimed to be malicious. So this means that the Poweliks-malware could allow other malware to enter the ALREADY infected device.

You can learn more about the Poweliks-malware by reading the Symantec report.

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