Potential CyberTriad Involvement in Cyberattacks Amid NATO Summit

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As the 2023 NATO summit gets underway in Lithuania, a potential cyberattack by CyberTriad, has allegedly disrupted several high-profile targets. The alleged victims of this breach include the War Studies Academy in Poland and IT companies Chopin and Zeto Lublin. The group claimed service disruptions on m.ticket and the m.parking mobile applications.

Targeted Entities and Possible Motives

The purported involvement of CyberTriad was announced via messages left on the websites of nordafm.pl and telewizjattm.pl. The group’s purported motivation is its opposition to what it perceives as U.S. and NATO-led escalations towards global conflict.

Cyber Intrusion into Military Academics and IT Corporations

Allegedly, the internal networks of the War Studies Academy, the highest military academic institution in Poland, and IT companies Chopin and Zeto Lublin have been encrypted.

Due to reasons beyond our control, there have been unforeseen difficulties in receiving some television programs. We are currently working intensively to restore the services to full functionality.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.
TK Chopin Team.
TK Chopin message on Facebook

A message of IT issues has been provided by TKChopin via their official Facebook page. However, the extent of the damage and the nature of any information potentially compromised remain unclear at this time.

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