Police Body GPS Cameras infected with Conficker Virus – WHO ELSE IS WATCHING

Reports have been published which state that the Martel Frontline Camera with GPS has been infected with a powerful piece of malware which is called ‘Conficker’. The malware was stated to be already present on the Police Body Cameras before they were shipped.

The Conficker malware is very dangerous, it has options which allow it to block any Antivirus application – it also allows the threat actors to fully control the infected devices – meaning that they can:

  • Start scans to search for other devices to infect
  • Use the Conficker malware as a Trojan Dropper (downloading and executing other malware)
  • Steal any type of information – including classified and financial information

The guys from MalwareBytes have published the following video about this specific binary which was found in the Martel Frontline camera with GPS: