Pokemon Go cheats you have to try (BIGGEST COLLECTION)

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Smart Pokemon Go players have used these cheats to get an advantage in the Pokemon Go world. Learn how to catch Pikachu, and how to get unlimited Pokeballs.

WARNING: Using cheats might get you banned from the Pokemon Go network. The company is acting hard against cheaters.

Start with Pikachu

Pokemon Go Cheat pikachu

This Pokemon Go cheat allows you to start with the Pikachu pokemon. In order to get the Pikachu pokemon, you will need to follow the instructions below:

  • Create a new account
  • Once you have the ability to pick between the 3 default Pokemons Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, you will have to leave the circle 4 times. Once you go back to the area, you will notice that Pikachu is waiting for you to get caught.

In the video below, you will be able to see the ‘Start with Pikachu’ cheat in action. Tune in at the video at 1:40 and listen to the instructions.

Pokemon Go medals

The Pokemon Go game allows the ‘trainers’ or players to gain achievements, these achievements are shown as medals. We have created a list that shows you which medals you can achieve.

Medal List
Medal Name Description Bronze Req. Silver Req. Gold Req.
Jogger Walk x kilometers  10  100 100+
Kanto Register Pokemon 5  50 50+
Collector Capture Pokemon  30  500 500+
Scientist Evolve Pokemon  3  20 20+
Breeder Hatch Eggs  10 10+ 10+
Backpacker Visit PokeStops  100  1,000 1000+
Battle Girl Win Gym Battles  10  100 100+
Ace Trainer Train x times  10  100 100+
Schoolkid Catch normal Pokemon  10  50  200
Black Belt Catch fighting Pokemon 10  50 200
Bird Keeper Catch flying Pokemon  10  50  200
Punk Girl Catch poison Pokemon  10  50  200
Ruin Maniac Catch ground Pokemon 10 50  200
Hiker Catch rock Pokemon 10  50  200
Bug Catcher Catch bug Pokemon  10  50  200
Hex Maniac Catch ghost Pokemon 10 50  200
Kindler Catch fire Pokemon  10  50  200
Swimmer Catch water Pokemon  10  50  200
Gardener Catch grass Pokemon  10  50  200
Rocker Catch electric Pokemon 10  50  200
Psychic Catch psychic Pokemon 10  50 200
Dragon Tamer Catch dragon Pokemon 10 50 200
Fairy Tale Girl Catch fairy pokemon 10 50 200
Youngster Catch ? Rattata weight at most ?? (currently bugged)  3  50 50+
Pikachu Fan Catch Pikachu 3 50 50+
Pokemon Go medal

Pokemon Go medal

Get all Pokemon Go pokemons


There is a method which allows you to increase the chance of getting all the Pokemons. This cheat does require technical skills, and understanding of spoofing. In an article from VICE about Pokemon Go, they explain how it is possible to get all Pokemon Go pokemons by using the GPS spoofing technique.

Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Plus

The Pokemon Go Plus tool is a must have for each Pokemon player that wants to take it to the extreme. This tool allows you to automatically collect Pokeballs, Berries, Eggs and other valuable items without having to pick up your phone.

Potential Legendary Locations!

In this video, you will get a better understanding on how to find Legendary Pokemons.

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