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PlayStation Network SQLi Vulnerability Allows Access to Customer Data

A Security expert has found SQL INJECTION vulnerability on website of Sony PlayStation Network.A SQL injection vulnerability allows access to customer data of the PlayStation Network. Sony was informed two weeks ago about the vulnerability.

Aria Akhavan security researcher has found the bug and shared the leak with German tech website Golem,and decided not to publish leak details and asking Sony corporation for response so far they didn’t receive any response.

It is not the first incident in the PlayStation Network,Sony’s PlayStation Network was last 2,011 victims of a major hacker attack. At that time, the access and personal data were stolen from 77 million users . As a result, in many countries, authorities and politicians had dealt with the incident and demanded by Sony better protection of customer data. Also in August of this year there was a attack on the PlayStation Network , but it was only a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS).

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