Pickpocket Criminals steal credit card information in 3 seconds without touching the victim’s wallet

The electronic pickpocket method is the most advanced way for criminals to steal credit card information from unaware people. The criminals which use the electronic pickpocket method only need a device which is able to read the information that is stored on the credit cards.

The criminal approaches his victim and steals the credit card information just by sweeping the device near the wallet of the targeted victim. The criminals are able to perform this attack because the credit cards are not protected against unwanted scans. A lot of people do not use card holders which prevent these type of attacks and the criminals are aware of this.

The criminals which perform electronic pickpocket attacks only need an device which is capable of reading RFID information. The cards which are used daily often use the RFID technique to communicate information during transactions, and guess what – the criminals also know this.

In the video below, you will be able to see how an security professional is able to steal credit card information from unaware persons in seconds.

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