The perfect guide on how to upload your video on WorldStarHipHop

How to upload your video on WorldStarHipHop

Uploading your video on WorldStarHipHop is just one step, getting it allowed is the second step and making it go viral is the third step. Read this perfect guide on how to upload your WorldStarHipHop video.

As you can imagine, the WorldStarHipHop website receives a lot of requests to upload a video on the WorldStarHipHop website.

The administrators and moderators that take a look at this list, will do it in such a way – that they will leave the low quality submissions behind.


The WorldStarHipHop accepts a lot of various footages. They do have some rules, which you will need to follow and agree to.

How to upload your video on WorldStarHipHop

If you want to upload your WorldStarHipHop video to the website, you will need to create a account. You must upload your video to sendspace, and submit the URL of the sendspace video to the [email protected] e-mail account.

You need to include the following in your Worldstarhiphop submission:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Video url

Worldstarhiphop states that all accepted submissions will get proper credit.

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Make your WorldStarHipHop video go viral

The best thing you can do, is to edit the video before you submit it. Use the free Youtube video editor to edit your WorldStarHipHop video upload. You can set the settings of the Youtube video to private, so noone will be able to see or steal it.

The Youtube editor allows you to add:

  • pictures
  • videos
  • text
  • music
  • links

Once you have created the video on YouTube, you can use a YouTube video downloader to download the new video to your pc. Once the video has been downloaded, you will be able to submit it to sendspace.