Perfect guide on securing your social media accounts

Brace yourself for the most complete and perfect social media guide on how to protect your social accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Believe me when I say that after setting up the recommended settings you will have no problems about malware or hacking attempts on your social media account.

As mentioned above, we are going to do this in the most perfect way. To do this we will need to create an e-mail account first which we will use for the social media account. The best e-mail solution that you can pick at the moment for your social media accounts is the e-mail service which is being provided by Google.

Navigate to the Google E-mail service and create a free account for your social media accounts. Take a look at the example below:

e-mail account: ‘[email protected]

Make sure that when you are creating the GMAIL account that you will choose a strong password and that you will provide your mobile number for authentication. Later on you can setup your GMAIL account for TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.

But before we continue you will need to provide a strong password. In the example below you will see a ‘strong’ password. Of course the password is not strong anymore as it is published online.

password: ‘!this!is!my!gmail!password!’

Alright the next step is creating the social media accounts that you want to use. In this example we will take the Facebook social media platform. Take a look at the picture below on how we created our demo account on Facebook. You will see that we used the gmail account and the strong password which is easy to remember.

sign up secured on facebook

Use the same credentials (except the password) to create your Twitter and LinkedIn account. Using one e-mail account for your social media accounts will guarentee you that you will have less spam in your business and personal e-mail account.

Now that you have created your social media accounts on your prefered networks you are able to login and start configuring the settings in such an way that you will be secured against the most attacks common threats that target social media users.


For Facebook you will need to visit the following configuration links in your Facebook profile:

If you want to take a look at your existing Facebook data and what is being stored by Facebook, you need to visit the following link to download a copy of your Facebook data. It might shock you.


For your LinkedIn account you will need to edit the following pages to increase your security status on your LinkedIn account:

  • Take a look at your LinkedIn profile setting, a lot of default settings should be changed. Take your time.
  • In the same menu you will find Communications, Groups, Companies & Applications and a Account option which you can edit.
  • The most important option is the LinkedIn Security settings which is almost hidden here. Enable the secure connection!


On your Twitter account you are able to setup the following options to increase your Twitter security status:

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial on how to get the perfect security option on your social media accounts. Enjoy a more secure socializing experience 😉

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