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People are being SCAMMED by this Universal Studios Florida accident scam

The Universal studios Florida accident scam is one of those scams which just won’t disappear from the internet – this scam has been running for several years and the scammers which use this scam method are having a very good time with all the data, money, and “internet power” they have collected via the Universal studios Florida accident scam.

See, the Universal studios Florida accident scam is often seen on social media networks and forums – it comes in the form of a post which claims that a terrible Roller Coaster accident has taken place and that the video is waiting for you to be watched. A lot of people often immediately click on those posts, which in order force them to leave the “safe” website which they first were navigating on – once the unaware internet user has been redirected to the external and malicious website – the internet user will be forced to follow instructions in order to view the video.

The scammer which has setup those instructions has set it up in such an order that it will generate an online revenue for the scammer before the internet user has watched the video (if the video is actually provided – it is also possibly that NO VIDEO will be shown.

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Now I can hear you thinking, “What can a scammer get from me while I’m on his scam site?” – well the answer to that depends on the mood and the knowledge of the scammer – if the scammer has setup the site in such an order to retrieve personal information, the chance is very high that a survey will be shown on the scam site which claims to host the Universal Studios Florida accident video.

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If the scammers wants to build a botnet, it is possible that the scam site will hold a file which needs to be downloaded and executed on the device of the unaware internet user. Once the file has been executed, the scammer will be able to whatever he wants on the infected device – meaning that the camera, microphone, data and everything in that network would be accessible to the scammer.

So this is just a simple warning, if you see the Universal Studios Florida accident post or Universal Studios Florida accident video being shared on social media networks or forums, then immediately report the link as suspicious – and inform the user that they are sharing a scam which can cause serious harm. If the user does not remove the post, then feel free to report the user for sharing malicious content on the social media network / forum.

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