Exclusive: PayPal money hacking software

A commercial website offers a software titled ‘Paypal Money Maker’, the website claims to offer users a working engine which allows cybercriminals to generate online money. The paypal money hacking software is a illegal application which is used by cybercriminals to earn money online.

The hacking portal states that they don’t recommend the abuse of the software and that they do not add more than 500 dollars a day.

paypal hack
PayPal Money Hack engine

There are many Paypal hacking software online and most use brute force attacks and use connection to a Trojan servers and install keylogers.

According to the the wesite, the PayPal money maker application will allow the cybercriminals to start making online money in these few steps:

  • Download the PayPal Money Adder and Run the software
  • Select a money value you want like( 10$/25$/50$/100$)
  • Activate the proxy
  • write you Paypal account addresss
  • Start hack and wait!

Be aware that cybercriminals often load their applications which malware. So if you are searching for a PayPal money hacking software, I strongly urge you to stop your search. In crime, there is no happy ending.


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