PayPal bypass ‘security measures’ hack

PayPal 'Security Measures' hacking.

The ultimate PayPal bypass ‘security measures’  hack. Last week, I wanted to login at my PayPal account. I clicked on the official ‘PayPal’ login button and I was redirected to the official ‘PayPal Security Measures’ screen.

The PayPal verification demanded that I needed to provide the answers to my secret questions. But I forgot the answers to my secret questions.

I researched the possible options which are provided by PayPal to bypass the verification screen without providing the secret answers. PayPal demands that you have to call the PayPal service first, if you call them they will guide you to reset the verification screen.

Proof of Concept: PayPal Security Measures bypass hack

The security measures is implemented by PayPal to verify the PayPal user accounts.

login at paypal
login at paypal

Navigate to the official PayPal website and make sure that you have your credentials ready. Login at the official PayPal website, and see if you get a security measures screen.

security measures screen
security measures screen

The security measures screen from PayPal demands the user to provide ‘secret’ information. The user does not have this information, or has forgot the information.

CASE: The user does not have the information, and does not want to call the PayPal service support