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Password Cracker

Security Analysis Software designed to allow someone to recover or decrypt lost, forgotten or unknown passwords. Password Cracker can guess a password by running a brute-force attack, e.g. testing each character combination to find the right password, or by running a dictionary attack, e.g. testing common words from large dictionaries, which could be used as password by users. While they can be a legitimate tool used by security administrators and law enforcement officers, Password Crackers pose a significant security and privacy threat when used illicitly.

How to stay safe

There are thousand and one methods to stay safe when you are connected to the internet, but I am going to explain you some of the basic rules to stay safe on the internet.

Do not

  • Do not click on weird links, or links in suspicious e-mail addresses. Hackers still use the e-mail phishing method to infect unaware users with malicious code.
  • Do not share weird links on social media sites
  • Do not click on a link when someone claims that they have “personal” information on you. Instead, inform the police.
  • Do not click on e-mails which demand financial information. Let them call and verify first.


  • Do check if HTTP(S) is available.
  • Do ask your environment for advice if you are unable to do something on your computer
  • Do keep your updates enabled
  • Do install an anti-virus
  • Make sure that you have your firewall enabled and configured
  • Make sure that you change your passwords in a frequent base.


There are some awesome projects available which will help you to keep your Windows machine secured.


This tool will monitor the connections which are made from your device. If a malicious connection is found, it will warn you and it will ask to block the IP. BotRevolt has a massive database of malicious IP’s so it will be an extra security layer for your computer.

Free Antivirus

If you are using Windows, then you are able to install the free antivirus application from Microsoft. The Microsoft Security Essentials application will keep your computer secure from known malware threats.

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