Panama: Possible Human remains found of Lisanne and Kris

Various accounts on Twitter are retweeting the tweet of the reporter which claims that evidence has been found which could lead to the solution of the Lisanne and Kris case in Panama.

During a press conference in Panama, research leader Pitti confirmed a discovery was made.

DNA research in Panama should determine whether it is the remains of Kris and Lisanne.

“I can not say whether the Dutch women,” said Pitti. “That’s specialists need to find out.” There are still 30 people to search the jungle.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the shoes and bones have been found near the spot where a backpack was discovered Saturday.

Along the river Saturday was a backpack with stuff found in women who have been missing since April 1. The Chief further states that the area where the items were found is very inhospitable. Thus, there are four living species of poisonous snake and other venomous animals. Moreover, roads can be steep and slippery. That makes the work of the emergency services very difficult. Therefore, it may take going to the emergency on the road. “Until a week or a few days

According to the Chief Public Prosecutor in Panama it is conclusively proven that Kris and Lisanne the trail El Pianista have taken. That tells the chief at RTL News.

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