What is the Spelevo Exploit kit

Security researchers have found a new exploit kit in in the last months, this exploit kit makes use of vulnerability CVE-2018-8174. CVE-2018-8174 The vulnerability used in the Spelevo Exploit kit has been dubbed ‘CVE-2018-8174’. This Read more

Microsoft Threat Experts help investigate attacks

Micorosft is excited to introduce theirMicrosoft Threat Experts, an additional layer of expertise and optics that Microsoft customers can utilize to augment security operations capabilities as part of Microsoft 365. This new managed threat hunting service Read more

New SMB worm uses 7 tools and exploits of NSA

A Croatian security investigator has discovered a new network worm that uses 7tools and exploits from the US intelligence service NSA. The worm is calledEternalRocks, but its original name is “MicroBotMassiveNet“. EternalRocks spreads through the Read more

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