OverPlay: Watch TV from anywhere and stay secure while doing it

The Overplay service is a great solution if you want to be able to view your TV program from anywhere in the world, and even from space. The Overplay service uses various techniques and methods which allow you to view your favorite TV channel from all over the world. It is a common problem that when you are outside of your regular environment, you will not be able to use online service like Netflix.

The Netflix service checks the IP address of the user which is trying to watch a movie, if the IP address does not match the provided address, then the user will be blocked to watch the movie on Netflix.

Now if you use the Overplay service, you will get unlimited access to thousands of services which would have blocked you in the first place.

What is SmartDNS?

SmartDNS is a wonderful new service which replicates many of the traditional VPN features, but without ANY loss of speed. It permits access to restricted websites in different Countries without even having to dial a VPN connection. You just browse as normal… but without the limits!

What is a VPN?

VPN is an acronym for ‘Virtual Private Network’, historically used by private organizations to link geographically diverse locations seamlessly via the internet. A VPN ‘tunnels’ traffic between two devices by transmitting it over the public internet. OverPlay takes this one step further by giving you the option to encrypt all the data you send and receive, and additionally allows you to appear to be located many miles (or in a different country) from where you really are!

Which websites does SmartDNS enable?

Virtually every streaming service you can imagine! Seriously!Almost all sites you’d use will work straight away.

How fast are the SmartDNS servers?

As fast as your internet connection! If your ISP will support it, then HD video is not a problem at all! It’s breathtakingly simple, it just works!

Do you keep logs of web sites I visit?

No! Honestly, OverPLay has no interest in which web sites you visit.



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