OpIsrael 2015: Hackers target thousands of Israeli domains and companies

Operation Israel is an operation which we see each year. The operation which is often led by Islamic hackers targets Israeli domains and companies which use outdated software and web applications.

In the last two years we have seen various operations which targeted the Israeli domains but it is Operation Israel which is truly capable of inflicting financial damage on Israeli domain holders.


The hackers which support Operation Israel 2015 (opisrael 2015) are capable of penetrating web applications like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress but there is a small faction in the Operation Israel hacking team which is capable of performing advanced attacks on specified targets.

Remote Access Trojan
Remote Access Trojan

Last year the AnonGhost hacking team used Remote Access Trojans to gain access to devices of victims which visited defaced Israeli websites (opisrael 2014). This allowed the AnonGhost team to build an botnet of infected devices. The infected devices can be used by AnonGhost to perform attacks on Israeli domains and networks.