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Open Source NSA Cyber Spionage Tools

NSA playset is an open source project based on Edward Snowden leaked list of U.S. National Security Agency interception and cyber surveillance tools ANT Catalog .

The NSA ANT catalog used by NSA employees in Tailored Access Operations (TAO) to tapping their targets’ data.

NSA playset project provide many features and ingredients for security researchers;

  • Passive Radio Interception with radio monitoring and analysis techniques.
  • Active Radio transmission Injection techniques.
  • Physical Domination techniques for forcibly unlocking physically proximate locked electronic devices.
  • Hardware Implants to Modify hardware/firmware for monitoring or control of hardware devices.
  • Rootkits for all major software platform, including servers, mobile devices, browsers.
  • Network Reconnaissance Tools for gathering metadata from a live, local network.

NSA Playset project will present at the Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam this week told security expert Michael Ossman to nutech Dutch news agency.

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